Vol I - No.4 January 2016

From the Editor's Desk

Live with dignity and let them live with dignity


There was news in one of the leading newspapers of Gujarat that a BDS dental surgeon had applied for the post of Bus conductor in State Transport Corporation.

It may be shocking news to some of us, but it is the ground reality that BDS as well MDS are in lowest of esteem today. There is tremendous exploitation in our profession and this was anticipated by Peers in the profession.

The Dental graduates and post graduates are helpless with degrees in their hands, running from pillar to post for few thousand rupees of income. There is fear in their minds. Lacs of rupees and years of precious life are spent for getting rewarded with qualification that has no assurance of fetching few thousand bucks.

Who is responsible? That we are not going to discuss.

Without going into the root cause of such a downfall of this glorious profession, I would suggest to all the well established dental practitioners BDS as well as MDS to open the doors of employment for fresh BDS and MDS

We can definitely share 10,000 rupees a month from our income to support at least one dental graduate. Those who earn more can employ more graduates post grads to work for them, so that they can live with dignity.

When we are privileged to have taken form society and profession, we should not hesitate to pay back and support. it’s our duty to pay back.

I strongly urge the practitioners to kindly accommodate their young professional brothers and sisters to instill confidence and sense of gratitude to profession. Likewise institutes should employ real service oriented professionals who don’t have practice, rather than employing people who already are well established in practice.

Live with dignity and let them live with dignity.

Give employment to one.