Vol I - No.2 Jan 2014

From the Editor's Desk

Do we need to change Examination system?

As a teacher we are faced with problem of poor written answers by students, both at UG level and PG level. The art of writing answers to essay type questions is vanishing very fast. There is no internal motivation for the students to learn, there is mounting pressure from parents and teachers to-do better and better. Information is poured into them from all walks of life instantaneously because they are digitally connected anytime and every time. They have become slaves of technology for everything morning till midnight and technology has increased to bothering level.

With advent of digital technology everything has revolutionized. The access to any type of knowledge has become easy. Territorial boundaries have vanished, Google is answer to everything. Translation is no problem as articles in any language from any corner of world are available to us, at least the abstract.

Student is faced with unique problem: there is ever exponentially increasing volume of information and secondly, the old information and obsolete material is not removed from curriculum. Students lack comprehension as they don’t have to exert. With mobile technology, digital social media are so powerful that student is helpless to detach himself from mobile throughout the day. He can’t pay attention to studies. The moment he starts reading, there is a message notification which he tends to reply, Time runs away, guilt feeling, mood swings, headaches, and migraine have become common in students as they now can’t cope up with demand of ever increasing pressure of studies.

Students only know copy paste. How can they write in exam? How can they draw diagrams in the exam? They go mad, they go blank. They can’t write properly. What is the solution? Are we checking their memory or understanding of subject? How can we reduce the exam burden of children? Do we need a change in examination pattern?