Vol I - No.3 January 2015

From the Editor's Desk

Has Dentistry lost its sheen ?

The dilemma for a science stream student after 12th is whether to prepare for engineering, medicine, or dentistry. The criteria of selecting one branch over other, wherein society, parents, relatives friends are involved has one major deciding factor on which career guidance is based is “money and comfort of life”

When we see flourishing practice of a successful doctor, his affluence, chauffer driven huge car,airconditioned bungalow and clinic, respect in society, social contacts, leadership, glittering satisfied face,busy work schedule, job satisfaction, we are motivated to repeat what he has done. We apply formedicine, engineering, dentistry…

The status of dentistry what I feel is going down and down day by day. The reasons are quite well known to us. The increased number of dental graduates led to meager employment and practice opportunities, compelling the graduates to do post-graduation. And now with number of private colleges imparting post-graduation, the market is saturated for post graduates too.

The salaries have gone down for both the graduates and postgraduates. The private practice market is saturated. Market capturing strategy by MNC further strangulates unorganized private sector. Changing attitude of students showing money and muscle power, priority shift of managements to customer satisfaction, is at times is insulting to teachers, who themselves are unorganized and helpless. MDS postgraduates, after spending lot of money and many crucial years of life, cant invest more, both in time and money, get trapped to visiting practice from door to door for want of quick money and satisfy parents that they have started earning.

The Graduate, who was not lucky enough to get into MDS, invested his three years and equivalent money in establishing his clinic, becomes the boss of multispecialty clinic where MDS go begging for work, and BDS dictates the fees like a skilled labor, and fixes labor charges for specialist, laboratory and major amount keeps with him. What a pity! Has dentistry lost its sheen?….is a point to ponder?