Public Health Dentistry

Public health dentistry is the art and science of preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts. It is that form of dental practice that serves community as a patient rather than an individual. It is concerned with dental education of the public, with research and application of the findings of the research, with administration of the dental care programs for the groups and with prevention and control of diseases through community approach.

Public health dentistry deals with prevention of diseases rather than the cure of the disease. The 3 important aspects of Public health dentistry are prevention, control and promotion. Dental health education among public, search for the cause of the disease and program planning for the prevention and promotion of dental health are some of the objectives of public health dentistry.

The Dept. of Public Health Dentistry at this institute is dedicated to serve the community. It regularly conducts dental camps, school health education programmes and many other activities. Various topics covered under this branch are research methodology, ethics, dental manpower, dental finance and many others. The Dept. also observes and celebrates important days like anti-tobacco day, world health day, dentists day, others.