Physiology & Biochemistry

After understanding the design of the human body the students need to learn the functioning of the human body. This quest is fulfilled in the department of Physiology. Human Physiology aims at providing the student comprehensive knowledge of the normal functions of the body to facilitate an understanding of physiological basis of health and disease. Biochemistry provides a sound knowledge of various biochemical reactions relevant to human systems for substance of life. Medical Biochemistry is the most fascinating subject as it deals with the chemical language of life. Exposure to nutrition, anti vitamins, anti metabolites, enzymes and their inhibition, hormonal actions, biochemical genetics and molecular biology etc. will provide a basis for the future study of medical and dental subjects.

The department has sufficient infrastructure and advanced equipments like Colorimeter, PH meter, Centrifuge machines, Magnetic stirrer with hot plate, hot air oven, Serological thermostat water bath, Incubators, Electronic balances, Water distillation plant, Glucometer etc. Various clinical biochemical tests are performed on blood and urine samples, collected from healthy and diseased individuals to make the student understand how it contributes in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease.

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