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Oral Pathology & Microbiology

The department of oral pathology and microbiology has been the back bone of many other departments of this institute in providing the much needed information to the general health of patients as well as in detecting many cancers and diseases of the head and neck region.

This department is the first face of the students with regards to dental subjects. This department has the responsibility of teaching Ist year undergraduate students, Oral Anatomy and Histology while in IInd & IIIrd year, Oral Pathology and Microbiology is taught. The students in this section are trained in diseases that manifest in and about the oral cavity. Students are taught about clinical, laboratory, histopathology and therapeutic features of the diseases as well as their etiology and pathogenesis.

Specimens from all the departments are analyzed here. Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic equipments, it has helped post graduate students from different departments with their dissertations. The department fulfills its social obligation by doing investigations at subsidized rates, especially for the needy.

The department has a post graduate course, which started 7 years ago. It admits three post graduate students per year. The duration of training is 3 years. All the post graduates are trained in clinical evaluation, hematology, biochemical analysis, histopathology and immune-histochemistry.

Former post graduate have joined various institutes across India spreading the spark and fame of department and institute. Its faculty has achieved academic excellence through reputed national international publications and deliberations. Even though specialty is continuously undergoing a revolution, this department has secured a significant place in the central part of India.

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