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Dean's Message

Modern Dental College and Research Centre offers an excellent education for a illustrious career in dentistry. The curriculum is forward looking and innovative. It is anticipated that the practitioner of the future must be able to deliver a wider range of services to a more diverse population than has been the case in the past. For this reason, the curriculum includes clinical experience with a variety of special patient groups which represent the disciplines of geriatrics, implantology, oncology, temporomandibular joint disorders, and dentistry for the handicapped.

Under the tutelage of highly trained and productive teachers, the student acquires a solid foundation in biomedical sciences. This knowledge forms the basis for understanding the wide variety of diseases that a dentist must diagnose and treat; it also forms the foundation for the effective practice of preventive dentistry. Skilful and experienced clinical teachers guide the student in acquiring technical skills and developing clinical judgment. Instructors with qualifications in the basic and clinical sciences assist the student in applying basic science knowledge to clinical problems. Further more the Post Graduate courses which have now become a integral part of our education aim at innovative treatment modalities and management of more complicated cases.

Situated in the center of the Country ,the college is very well connected by all modes of transport. Being on just the outskirts of the urban city limits, gains the benefit of a large pool of patients who seek dental treatment at its clinics. Additional training in patient care is gained during assignments at affiliated hospitals and at externship sites in various locations throughout the country.

Since its founding in the year 2000,Modern Dental College and Research Centre has been committed to excellence in education, patient care, research, and community service. With each incoming year we rededicate ourselves to the achievement of these goals. The Dental Institute is extremely proud of its substantial local, national and international standing and is constantly seeking new ways to realize its goal.

I thank you for your interest in the Institute, accessing the website and reading this message of welcome. I hope you find this website convenient to navigate, helpful and informative. Please click on to other pages and read on.