The Chairman Opines

Dear students,

My philosophy in life, is to dream lofty dreams, for as you dream so shall you become, your vision is the promise of what you shall be one day. This promise can be fulfilled if you set your goals right and aim for the sky.

As a student, you need to be unerring in your acumen and dexterous in your field, only then can you don the mantle of an educated professional. Change is after all the only constant in our lives and every student passing through our gates, today fits into this groove.

The blue print of a student's progress is a razor sharp mind and incisive analysis. The dental world opens up new vistas of quality education to the students and calls upon them to mitigate the sufferings of fellow beings. Let us raise this noble profession to a pedestal and strive for the dignity it deserves.

My message to the aspirants is to mould yourself into a combination of character of the highest order and an intellect illuminated by true knowledge.

Dr. Ramesh Badlani